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Integrated Circuit (IC)
The Intersil CA3304 is a CMOS parallel (FLASH) analog-to- digital converter designed for applications demanding both low-power consumption and high speed digitization. Digitiz- ing at 25MHz, for example, requires only about 35mW. The CA3304 operates over a wide, full-scale signal input voltage range of 0.5V up to the supply voltage. Power consumption is as low as 10mW, depending upon the Clock frequency selected. The intrinsic high conversion rate makes the CA3304 types ideally suited for digitizing high speed signals. The overow bit makes possible the connection of two or more CA3304s in series to increase the resolution of the conversion system. A series connection of two CA3304s may be used to pro- duce a 5-bit, 25MHz converter. Operation of two CA3304s in parallel doubles the conversion speed (i.e., increases the sampling rate from 25MHz to 50MHz). A data change pin indicates when the present output differs from the previous, thus allowing compaction of data storage.
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