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Integrated Circuit (IC)
Available division ratios 28, 210, 213, or 216 ■ Increments on positive edge clock transitions ■ Built-in low power RC oscillator (±2% accuracy over temperature range and ±10% supply and ±3% over processing @ < 10 kHz) ■ Oscillator frequency range ≈ DC to 100 kHz ■ Oscillator may be bypassed if external clock is available (apply external clock to pin 3) ■ Automatic reset initializes all counters when power turns on ■ External master reset totally independent of automatic reset operation ■ Operates at 2n frequency divider or single transition timer ■ Q/Q select provides output logic level flexibility ■ Reset (auto or master) disables oscillator during resetting to provide no active power dissipation ■ Clock conditioning circuit permits operation with very slow clock rise and fall times ■ Wide supply voltage range—3.0V to 15V ■ High noise immunity—0.45 VDD (typ.) ■ 5V–10V–15V parameter ratings ■ Symmetrical output characteristics ■ Maximum input leakage 1 µA at 15V over full temperature range ■ High output drive (pin 8) min. one TTL load
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